AE86 Fightclub Hamachi SPL Header

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AE86 Fightclub Hamachi SPL Header

Put your shiny chromed out header aside and get yourself a real exhaust manifold! Proudly made in the USA, the AE86FC Hamachi SPL was coined after the infamous hachiroku nerds, the Hamachi Bros. These headers were definitely not made with aesthetics as priority, but rather still kept in its raw form for the intention of pure performance gain.

- 16v* and 20v 4AGE compatible fitment**
- Made for USDM LHD models, Clears P/S rack.
- 4-1 piping layout for top end power
- Made from 304 Stainless steel, in the USA
- -12 degrees BTDC recommended for optimal efficiency

*EGR must be disabled
** 02 sensor must be extended to downstream pipe
** We have spent many hours on fitment testing for optimal applicability. Results may vary according to type of engine/transmission mounts used or any chassis/frame/monocoque damage.

Disclaimer: For off-road use only, use at your own risk.

New OEM gaskets and bolts are highly recommended.

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